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Giovanni StudioGiovanni Photographic Studios, Inc. was incorporated in 1982.  The studio is centrally located in Miami, Florida. Near Miami International Airport and I-95; between express way 836 and 112.  This location was chosen due to the Miami Garment industry and proximity to the beaches.

Early Days
Giovanni (John G. Laudicina) grew up in the garment industry; his father was a pattern maker and was the owner of International Patterns, Inc.  Giovanni worked for his dad all through his teens, working all aspects of the industry.  Working in the trade introduced him to many of the designers. As a lead sculptor early in his life, he found himself hiring photographers to shoot his creations before they were sold. Being three-dimensional artwork he never liked what the photographers were giving him.  One of his friends told him to learn to shoot them for himself.  This was the start of photography.  Giovanni bought a SLR and was so hooked that before a year was up he had a complete Black and white darkroom set up in his bathroom and before the second year he was printing his own color prints. 

A Career in Photography
Working with lead was a health risk and so he went full force into Photography.  He moved to Gainesville Florida and every semester at college he would take photo courses.  When it came time to graduate and move on to upper level he decided to go into commercial photography college.  He moved to Daytona Beach and studied at the DBCC commercial photography program.  While in college he photographed fashion and realized this was his niche, he was definitely a people shooter.  He would go back to Miami to do fashion shoots for the clothing designers he knew when he worked for his dad.  Word got around in Miami and he was working in the summer and Christmas break in Miami doing location shoots. Giovanni was a master with Strobes and was known as a person to make the shoot happen no matter what the weather threw at him, needless to say this made the clients happy.  He worked in the 4X5 medium and with Hasselblads and some Nikons.

How Giovanni Photographic Studios, inc. Got Started
One Christmas break he was shooting at Viscaya with his view camera and he met Richard Avedon. “Richard came up to me with two beautiful models and introduced himself and complimented me on my angle of shooting the building, he said he has seen many photographers shoot Viscaya and never seen it shot from my angle.  We exchanged cards and that was that.” Giovanni graduated from DBCC he moved to Milan Italy and worked in the fashion industry shooting and assisting photographers.  He worked with the best.  He ran into Richard Avedon again in Milan at the E-6 Lab.  After a year he realized that he had to make a decision as to staying in Italy or move back to the states.  His choices were… New York, LA, Atlanta, Dallas or Miami.  It was an easy decision…. Miami, he already had connections.So he started Giovanni Photographic Studios, Inc.  Miami was a growing city at the time, it was 1982 and the rest of the country was in a recession, Miami was booming due to the Latin American economical influence.  Needless to say it filtered through the local economy.  So it was not a bad place to start a business.Giovanni was shooting catalogs and brochures for the garment industry and in his first year back in Miami he had his first Vogue magazine ad.One day in the mail he received a gift it was a signed poster by Avedon.The studio was growing and Giovanni had his own in-house E-6 photo lab and darkroom.  This catering to quality control and a fast turn-around time made the clients happy.  When digital was in its infancy Giovanni jumped on it.  He was good friends with Photoshop and digital genius Eddie Tapp.  Eddie helped Giovanni get into the digital work flow.  Giovanni threw his E-6 processor in the trash and is 100% digital.  He hasn’t shot a roll of film in the last 5 years.Giovanni shoots with Phase one digital backs and Nikon digital cameras.  The phase one digital backs mount on his Sinar View Cameras and his Hasselblads.Giovanni works with the finest Art Directors in Miami.